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Projects and installations


Global communication solution division 



The department in charge on planning and execute  company projects

Continuously Maintenance and service

In this activity takes part few departments

  • Network planning Cable TV, computers ,and telephones
  • Project management and executing
  • Maintenance and service


Installation and projects


Installation department based on technicians and engineers that involved with the company from it earliest years 1970 in the year 2001 company started additional activity in data communication and internet  aria  on cable television

And telephones and optical wiring structure


Company engineers bringing with them more then 30 years of planning and building systems experience

  • MATV
  • DSL


Kinds of cable television systems


Telran company installing and maintaining the following systems CATV , MATV , HFC  in urban locations and in kibbutzim

Using this systems which combine coax cables and optics fibers including combined amplify  equipment

Digital and analogs Television signals transmitted from the central to end users

The systems used to VOD data

Relay systems and data communication in wide band
Telran company installing and maintaining relays systems for wide band  data communication

The company perform and  execute the systems in various equipment and methods such

  • DSL telephone relay on copper wires
  • Relay sys based on optic fibers
  • Relay sys based on WIFI wireless equipment

All the electronic products and equipment for the systems imported and maintained in Telran laboratory’s

Wide band (contain) and different servers


In order to supply the ISP Telran company reach into agreement with the companies in order to supply the end to end solutions

The full solutions is highly protected using the FIREWALL in the system servers

Different wide bands

ISP servers giving solutions in mail contended aria form and else

The company give solution and support including equipment supply

Ordering internet lines in various wide band connection to the different systems

And follow up on user wideband and their requests

Kind of relays equipments

Telran company import and support the follow products  

  • Routers
  • DSL equipment and modems
  • Various switches
  • IP telephones
  • Accessories for IP centrals
  • IP telephones Accessories
  • Various CMTS
  • Cable modem
  • Optic fibers
  • Receivers transmitters and amplifiers

The company import all the products and additional from Europe united sates and the far east

The import product meets the demand and the standard company such

Bezek HOT YES defense office


Installation and testing equipments

Telran company import the testing equipment for HOT and YES companies 

  • ROVER from Italy
  • EMITOR from Sweden

The company have the follow equipment on constant base for maintenance and installation  

  • Optic fiber Soldering machine
  • OTDR for melting and testing the fibers
  • PM for light strength and transfer for different distance
  • Spectrum analyzer device
  • Testing equipment from ROVER
  • Strange fields testers

Service and maintenance



Telran company maintain more than 60 kibbutzim and urban locations in cable television and ISP systems

The company technicians supply service and maintenance on 7/24 format

Telephone Service 036002247

The company laboratory fix and maintain all the imported products