Telran Smart Solution

200Mbps Power Line Adapter with Detachable Plug

Model PL200KIT


PL200 is a Power Line Adapter which allows users to turn their home’s wiring into a network only by plugging it into an available wall outlet. It provides high speed data rate up to 200Mbps and coverage range up to 300 meters that won’t get any influence from obstacles. So it is applicable to a large area of housing and Small Enterprises Office area etc, providing simple and convenient, no radiation, scalable network solutions.

No Wires, Easy-to-Setup

The main features of PL200 is no wires needing. It’s a perfect solution for home, office or hotel where wiring is expensive and troublesome a thing to extend your network. Plugging at least two PL200 into your power outlet, network connection can be easily create throughout your home.

Home Plug AV Ethernet Bridge

High-speed Internet access can be easily added to any room in your home by Home Plug AV Ethernet Bridge. By pressing the SEC/Rst button correctly, you can share the same electrical lines to other Home Plug AV Ethernet bridges.


-Complies with Home Plug AV, IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u standards.

- High-speed data rate up to 200Mbps.

- Super small design with detachable power plug.

- No need cables, using electrical wires.

- Up to 300 meters range, excellent solution for wall and floor crossing.

- Plug and Play, no configuration required.

- Green product, power consumption reducing up to 65%.

- Built-in QoS assures the quality of bandwidth sensitive applications such as voice, video and online games.


Code 198509

  • 200Mbps Power Line Adapter with Detachable Plug






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