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blue background blue background blue background Appliance Module(Max 2200W)
Catalog number   250018
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Main used and control function:

It used in bidirectional PLC system can receive the PLC control signal and transmit related signal, it is controlled product, main used for big appliances beside 2200W, like water heater.


Only need to put the module inside the standard 86 type switch box, the switch box should have the naught wire.

Function description:

1.     You can use the remote controller to turn on/off the lamp which you put this kind of module in any direction at home, also can check the working status.

2.     When you are on the way home, you can make a call first to turn on the water heater in your bathroom.

3.     When you are in another province for business, you can through web controller to turn on/off your appliances-a very popular and modern way to control your home appliances.

4.     This module also controlled by Scene, for example, only press one key can turn on the TV, water heater and electrical curtain.

5.     Also have the timing control function.



Bidirectional communication by power line in high speed with the feedback function

Join with any type of switches and plug-in panel

Ultra-slim design

Dimension: 46x46x23mm


Easy use and quick setup

Can finish learning within 6 second

Use noise filter circuit inside

Command ALL OFF for electronic appliances


Code 250018