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Catalog number   250022
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Main used and functions:
It used in bidirectional PLC system, can send and accept PLC&RF signal, it is long distance  control product,  main used long distance web control and working states checking, for example, when you are in other province for business, you can through the internet by related IP to control your home lamps, appliances, curtain, fingerprint door lock etc. Web controller make you easier look after your home.


In your home, only need network cable and 220V power supply is ok, very simple for connection!


When you are in other province for business, if you want to check your home and turn on or off some lamps/appliances? Have you ever experienced when you are outside and want to see the condition of your office or want to open or close the office door? In our life, we have so many experiences about above mentioned case, some commercial building close the front door, but some companies forgot to turn off the light, air condition cannot turn their off, waste too much energy, if you have this web controller you can avoid this problem.


1 Suit with the Internet TCP/IP, Connect to the web router directly so avoid turn on computer

2 Single power line, easy to connect

3 Bidirectional communication by power line in high speed and check electrical appliance is working status easily



Code 250022