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blue background blue background blue background CAME Complete System for swing gates FR. Model PP6000
Catalog number   001UOPP6000
Ideal solution for applying to gates in single homes or apartment blocks The 24 V versions can work in emergency mode during power outages Available in reversible and irreversible mode Amperometric obstruction detection Fully covered and protected endless skew The 24 V versions feature a simplified connection system with a single three-conductor cable to control the motor and the encoder
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Operation Limits

Max. Length of leaf: 3m

Max. Weight of leaf: 200kg


Technical characteristics

Protection rating: IP44

Power supply: 24V

Absorption: 12A

Power: 150W

Maneuvering time at 90° 19 ~ 32s

Duty/cycle: 50%

Torque: 400 ~ 3000Nm

Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ +55°C

Motors heat protection: 150°C