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blue background blue background blue background Amplifier two High Output, TGM2800D 60 Volt 65/87,GaAs
Catalog number   613007
Overview TGM2800D bi-directional amplifier adopts imported GaAs module amplification. It can be used in CATV network, digital network and telecom network with high gain, low distortion and excellent flatness. It can be used as an amplifier or a distribution amplifier in bidirectional CATV system. Each port has independent bidirectional filter facilitates network test
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Input stage adopt imported CATV head-end amplifier modules, input and output stage adopt imported CATV exclusive power multiplier amplifier module, greatly improved the nonlinear distortion characteristics, RF output level is up to 108dBuV

Bi-directional split frequency 42/54MHz or 65/87MHz optional (can be customized)

Input stage, inter-stage level and the slope are step adjustable; reverse level port independent variable

Balanced alternative technology, adopt attenuation plug-in form to do balanced adjustment

Forward output, reverse input share a common external RF test point, easy for forward and reverse debugging

Reserved for network management interface, transponder option has national standard network management interface, comply with SCTE HMS and IEC network management standard

RF return port has 3-state reverse noise reduction switch and plug-in attenuator, easy for isolating various intrusive interference

Users can choose dynamic noise isolator

RF power level monitoring options optional, easy for remotely  real-time monitoring the output signal level of the bi-directional distribution amplifier

High-efficiently switching power, perfect multi-stage surge suppression circuitry, improved anti-lightning strike and anti-surge shocks, further improved the reliability